We will start the race from the Templar Castle of Miravet. There we will enjoy a splendid view of the town, the river and all the villages around it. When leaving, we will leave the castle by side and we will go to the summit of the Covalta by a footpath that goes up next to a trench of the civil war. Be careful because during the ascent you will find a cistern made with dry stone.
Upon descent from Covalta, we will begin the ascent by the Negrer ravine up to the watchtower, where a machine-gun nest was placed during the civil war. Nearby, there will be the first food station, and then we will climb to the top of the term to descend along a path that will take us near the river, where there will be the second food station.
Afterwards, we will go back to the Covalta and finally it will take us to the Cap de la Vila where we will see the lower part of the Castle, and we will be in the village, where the arrival will wait for us.
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Departure: Castle of Miravet
Arrival: Plaça del Arenal square
Time: 9:30
Who: 15, 16, 17 and 18 years at December 31 of the year of the end of the season.


Technical data

Total distance: 11 km
Positive drop: 600 m.

  • Path: 82%
  • Tarmac road: 8 %
  • Asphalt: 10 %

Paternal authorization

All participants require authorization

Food Stations

All contain liquids and solids.

  • Liquids: water, flectomin, coke and isotonic drink
  • Solids: fresh fruit (bananas and orange), nuts, chocolate, crackers and jelly sweets.
  1. 4,9 km – Roianos
  2. 8,7 km – Negrer

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